Run like a a real family.

Run like a a real family.

Group shot of DXP employees smiling in front of a large web printer.

Digital XPress was founded in 1988 as a printing brokerage—without a single piece of equipment. That's what the "X" originally stood for: no presses! As the business grew and the years passed, we began to acquire equipment and people. While nearly all of that early equipment is gone, most of the key people are not.

Walk through our plant (we love showing people around!) and you'll bump into generations of actual family members who make everyone feel like part of the gang. Everyone has a job to do—and they're all important. And like most families, we help each other out. Share knowledge. Keep an eye on the whole process, so we can head off problems.

We've got your back, too. Because that's the way it works at DXP—no exceptions.

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